Is youthful conservatism dead?

Momentum’s membership surged over the 35,000 line this January, and little stands in its way. Nothing can stop the seemingly unending tide of wannabe socialists printing their idealistic agenda onto the face of this nation. There is no right-wing alternative nor opposition, only concessions. The government, the media and the public seem to have accepted that my age group is destined for left-wing politics and have thus abandoned us to the rabid political wilderness, left to fend for ourselves without a champion or saviour. I cannot be the only person frustrated by this attitude, by this inaction.  Something needs to be done, because there is a moral case for conservatism but it requires what the current conservative government is lacking. Enthusiasm.

In the general election (2017) there was a distinct lake of charisma from the right, a distinct lack of engagement, especially towards my demographic. Jeremy Corbyn was painted as honest and upfront (nevermind his Hamas sympathies nor his IRA connections). A man who the youth, previously disenfranchised by the lies and spin of mainstream politics, could support whole heartedly and unabashedly. And the rights response? Dementia tax and a freeze on tuition fees increase? A FREEZE on tuition fees. Jeremy promises to abolish them, to impose high taxes on landlords and corporate overlords who supposedly force young people into the unemployment queue and our response is mostly silence. No wonder youthful conservatism is rotting away like the beams of an ancient home that you paint over rather than replace. Well I think it’s time to tear back the paint and address the real issues here.

Conservatism can be popular, moreover it can be popular with the youth. Nobody likes taxes and nobody likes red tape. Cutting back on these used to the hallmark of modern right-wingers. Less regulation and less taxes to promote greater freedom for both the individual and businesses. Why don’t we use these moral principles to tackle the issues of young people. Most young people are worried about buying a home? Well then lets cut down on the green belt, open up more land for development, use conservatism to make a difference to the lives of young people and you might even win a few votes along the way, shocking I know.

There is a significant lack of exuberance for both conservatism and change amongst the current Conservative party, and without that youthful conservatism will remain dead. The only thing that can truly spur on its revival is the birth of a new figure, a new leader who can bring conservatism to the youth and fight back the socialist onslaught. Who is that leader?

Well I think every young Tory knows the answer to that.